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3PP Coated Steel Pipe

3PP Coated Steel Pipe is a multilayer coating composed of three functional components. 3PP coating can be processed for steel pipes under a diameter of Φ33.4 - Φ1820mm.
Product name: 3PP Coated Steel Pipe, 3pp anti-corrosive steel pipe, 3-Layer Polypropylene coated pipe, 3pp coated steel tube
Standard: DIN 30678, ISO21809-1
Coating thickness: 2.0-5.0mm as per customer requirement
Coated pipe OD: 1”-100” (34mm -2540mm)
Product Details

3PP anticorrosive steel pipe is a steel pipe polypropylene anticorrosive coating, which is characterized by good heat resistance.

Most of the large pipeline anti-corrosion in China is 3PE coating, and 3PP and 3PE coating belong to the multi-layer coating system, which consists of the bottom epoxy powder, the intermediate layer binder and the outer PP jacket. The performance of PP is similar to that of PE, and 3PP coating is fully capable of producing 3PP coating with 3PE production line, and no special 3PP coating operation line is required. However, the difference in performance of PP and PE materials, and the performance of 3PP and 3PE coating, can be applied to different environments. The advantages of 3PP coating on certain properties make it possible to play a role in areas where 3PE coatings are not available, so there are many pipeline projects abroad that use 3PP anti-corrosion coatings. At present, it is mainly foreign products that are related to the environment, for some countries with high environmental temperature, and PP is harder than PE, so as to avoid scratch coating.

3PP Coated Steel Pipe Production Process

3-Layer Polypropylene (3LPP) is a multilayer coating composed of three functional components; a high performance Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) primer, followed by a copolymer adhesive, and an outer layer of polypropylene which provides one of the toughest, most durable pipe coating solutions available. 3LPP systems provide excellent pipeline protection for small and large diameter pipelines at up to high operating temperatures.

3PP preservation:

PP three-tier structure of anti-corrosion pipeline: the first layer of epoxy powder (FBE50 - 100um), the second adhesive (AD) 250 - 400um, the third layer of polypropylene (PP) 1.4 - 4.0mm. Three of the integration, and steel pipe with a good solid coating, Coating temperature up to 110 degrees.

Diameter of Φ33.4 - Φ1820mm

3PP Coated Steel Pipe Application

Widely used in water treatment, agricultural irrigation , construction, , highway billboards, gas & oil conveying, mine and oilfield drilling.

The advantages of 3PP coating

3PP coating is mainly used as an anti-corrosion pipeline for conveying higher temperature medium and as a pipeline anti-corrosion layer in desert areas with high surface temperature and long sunshine time. It has been widely used in buried water, gas, and oil pipelines in areas with high surface temperatures and long exposure times.

3LPP coating displays extremely good performance in the following areas

Adhesion of to steel pipe surface,resistance to impacts,resistance to abrasion,resistance to penetration force,hardness and stiffness,unit grounding resistance of the gas main.

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