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Tailored Solutions: How ERW Tubing Suppliers Meet Diverse Industry Demands

2023-12-18 14:56:04
Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) tubing has become a cornerstone in numerous industries due to its versatility and strength. Cangzhou Shenlong Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a leading ERW tubing suppli...

The 2022 Annual Meeting of Cangzhou Shenlong: A Look into the Future

2023-12-18 15:16:45
The 2022 Annual Meeting of Cangzhou Shenlong will be held on December 10th, 2022 at the Cangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this year’s event is “A Look into the Futu...

Cost-Effective Strategies from Leading Seamless Steel Pipe Supplier

2023-12-18 14:56:06
In the dynamic world of the seamless steel pipe industry, the importance of cost-effective strategies cannot be overstated. Businesses operating in this sector face numerous challenges, from fluctuati...

Steel pipe for dredger project of UAE delivered successfully

2023-12-18 15:16:46
Steel pipe welded with flanges on both sides for dredger project of UAE delivered successfully.  Products: ST52-3 LSAW steel pipe welded with flanges on both sizesQuantity: 2600 tons Application: for ...

Cement-Lined Steel Pipe: Reinforced Strength and Durability

2023-12-18 14:56:07
Cement-lined steel pipes epitomize a robust union of strength and durability within the field of piping systems. These pipes are characterized by an inner cement lining, which serves as a resilient sh...

Laboratory staff participate in equipment training

2023-12-18 15:16:47
The training was hosted by Manager Wang Yan, general agent of Shikotsu Tianjin Region, and explained by engineer Li Hairui of its analysis center. Mr. Li gave a detailed explanation of the principle o...

Protecting Pipes with 3LPE Coating: Corrosion Resistance and Durability

2023-12-18 14:56:08
In the world of pipelines and industrial infrastructure, the term "3LPE coating" represents a powerful shield against one of the most persistent and costly adversaries: corrosion. This protective coat...

Start from me, the implementation of fire responsibility, prevent safety risks

2023-12-18 15:16:49
As the saying goes: "Get rich a thousand days of work, fire on the day of poor", the truth we all understand, but in reality, people often ignore fire safety. In fact, the fire is very close to everyo...

Ensuring Safety: Fire Protection Pipes

2023-12-18 14:56:09
Fire protection pipes are a vital component of fire safety systems, designed to control and extinguish fires efficiently. These systems encompass a range of pipes, sprinklers, and standpipes strategic...

Warm congratulations to Cangzhou Shenlong successfully passed the Yanshan County Government Quality Award

2023-12-18 15:16:50
On November 3, 2022, Cangzhou Shenlong Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd. accepted the on-site evaluation by experts of the evaluation team as the on-site evaluation unit of Yanshan County Government Qualit...

Durable and Versatile 304 Stainless Steel Tubing: Ideal for Industrial and Commercial Applications

2023-12-18 14:56:10
304 stainless steel tube is highly valued for its outstanding corrosion resistance and robustness, making it a popular choice across numerous sectors. With a well-rounded composition, it excels in sce...

"Love relay, pass the truth" --Shenlong Company blood donation public welfare activities

2023-12-18 15:16:51
On October 14, 2020, under the leadership of Xu Minfeng, leader of Yanshan County unpaid blood donation Leading Group, our company launched a two-day unpaid blood donation public welfare activity. The...
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