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Cleaning and repair of seamless pipes

2023-12-18 15:15:23
CS seamless pipe refers to a round, square, rectangular steel with a hollow section and no joints around it. CS seamless pipes are made of steel ingots or solid pipe blanks through perforation into ca...

Stainless steel seamless pipe vs cs seamless pipe

2023-12-18 15:15:24
Different design rules1) Stainless steel seamless pipe produces work hardening during cold working, for example, it is anisotropic when bent, that is, the transverse and longitudinal properties are di...

The production process of galvanized pipe

2023-12-18 15:15:25
Galvanized pipe, in order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe, general steel pipe is galvanized. Galvanized pipes are divided into two types: hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing....

DIN 2440-Steel tubes

2023-12-18 15:15:26
The DIN 2440 standard applies to medium-weight tubes suitable for screwing used in applications of medium pressure air and non-hazardous gases. The most common material is St33.2(also known as S185) c...

DIN 2448 seamless steel tubes

2023-12-18 15:15:27
DIN is a German institute for the standardization of various types of equipment in the piping system. The din 2448 grade is produced following all standards set by ASME, ASTM AISI, DIN, EN, GB, IS, an...

Seamless pipe weight calculator

2023-12-18 15:15:28
Seamless steel pipe weight calculation formulaEach industry has its own industry characteristics and national standards. Regarding the one-meter weight of seamless steel pipes, we can use the "Steel P...

ASTM A192 / A192M-Seamless carbon steel boiler tubes for high-pressure service

2023-12-18 15:15:29
ASTM A192 covers standard specifications for minimum-wall-thickness, seamless carbon steel boiler and superheater tubes for high-pressure service. The steel shall conform to the required chemical comp...

Heat treatment process of seamless pipe

2023-12-18 15:15:31
Definition of seamless pipeThe seamless pipe is made of perforated whole round steel, and the steel pipe without weld seam on the surface is called seamless steel pipe. According to the production met...

Characteristics of cold drawn seamless tubing

2023-12-18 15:15:31
Cold drawn seamless tubing is a steel pipe with high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish for mechanical structure and hydraulic equipment. The use of cold drawn seamless tubing to manufacture...

Washing of seamless pipe

2023-12-18 15:15:33
CS seamless pipe refers to a steel pipe that is perforated from a whole round steel and has no welds on the surface. Mainly used as petroleum geological drilling pipe, cracking pipe for petrochemical ...

Welded pipe vs galvanized pipe

2023-12-18 15:15:34
Different definitionsWelded pipe refers to a steel pipe with seams on the surface, which is formed by bending and deforming a steel strip or steel plate into a round, square or other shape and then we...

Coating technology of black steel seamless pipe

2023-12-18 15:15:35
Black steel seamless pipe is uncoated steel, also known as black steel. The primary use is to deliver propane or natural gas to residential and commercial buildings. The pipe has no seams, making it a...
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