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Tee belongs to pipe fittings and pipe connectors. Tees of different materials as per clients' requirements. At competitive prices and superior quality.
Product name:Tee; straight tee, cross tee pipe fitting,reducing tee; steel tee; Stainless steel tee; steel cross

Type: straight tee, reducing tee, side out let tee, base tee, 45 degree lateral tee, carbon tee & cross, stainless tee & cross, alloy tee & cross
Materials:  A234-WPB, A420-WPL6, A234-WPHY52, A234-WP12, A234-WP11, A234-WP5, A403-WP304, A403-WP304L, A403-WP316, A403-WP316L
Standard: ASME B16.9, B16.11, DIN 2605, DIN 2616, JIS 2311, JIS 2312,Mss sp-75 etc.
Product Details

Tee belongs to pipe fittings and pipe connectors. Also called pipe fittings tee or tee fittings, tee joints, used in the main pipe to branch pipe.

A tee has three openings, namely an inlet and two outlets; A chemical pipe fitting with two inlets and one outlet, either T-shaped or Y-shaped, with equal or reduced orifices, used for the gathering of three identical or different pipes. The main function of the tee is to change the direction of the fluid.

Reducing Tee: Branch pipes differing in diameter from the other two are called reducing tees. Those with the same diameter at both ends are called equal diameter tees.

straight tee is widely used in the construction and maintenance of petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas, liquefied gas, chemical fertilizer, power plant, nuclear power, shipbuilding, papermaking, pharmaceutical, food hygiene, urban construction and other industries.

Steel Tee type

straight tee, reducing tee; steel tee; Stainless steel tee; steel cross

Steel Tee specification:

Size: 1/2”-48”

Thickness: sch5-sch160

Surface: oiling, spraying black paint ( or varnish), galvanized, 3PE, FBE epoxy anti-corrosion coating etc.

Steel Tee application

Widely used in industry, chemical industry, construction, water treatment, agricultural irrigation, highway billboards, fire fighting , bridge supporting , gas & oil conveying, mine and oilfield drilling.

Classification of tee by process

1. Hydraulic expansion

The hydraulic expansion of tee is a forming process which compensates the axial expansion of the branch pipe by the metal material. The process is to use a special hydraulic press to inject liquid into the tube billet with the same diameter as the three-way, and then squeeze the tube billet through the synchronous middle movement of the two horizontal side cylinders of the hydraulic press. The volume of the tube billet becomes smaller after extrusion, and the liquid in the tube billet increases with the volume of the tube billet. When the pressure required by the three-way branch pipe expands, Under the dual action of liquid pressure in the side cylinder and the billet, the metal material flows along the inner cavity of the mold and expands out the branch pipe.

Three-way hydraulic bulging process can be formed once, with high production efficiency; The thickness of the head and shoulder of the tee increased.

Due to the large tonnage of equipment required by the hydraulic expansion process of seamless tee, it is mainly used in the manufacturing of standard wall thickness tee less than DN400 in China. Its suitable forming materials are low carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel with relatively low cold hardening tendency, including some nonferrous metal materials, such as copper, aluminum, titanium and so on.

2. Hot pressing forming

Three-way hot pressing is to flatten the tube billet larger than the diameter of the three-way to about the size of the diameter of the three-way, and open a hole in the part of the stretching branch pipe; The billet is heated, put into the forming die, and loaded into the punching die of drawing branch pipe; Under the action of pressure, the billet is radial compressed, and in the process of radial compression, the metal flows to the branch pipe and forms a branch pipe under the tension of the die. The whole process is formed by the radial compression of the billet and the stretching of the branch pipe. Different from the hydraulic expansion tee, the metal of the hot press tee branch pipe is compensated by the radial movement of the billet, so it is also called radial compensation process.

The tonnage of equipment required for material forming is reduced due to the use of heated and pressed tees. The hot press tee has a wide adaptability to materials, suitable for low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel materials; Especially for tees with large diameter and thick wall, this forming process is usually adopted.

Quality inspection:

1. Our factory has its own "experimental testing center".CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

2.Control quality strictly.The first pass is the quality inspection on the production line,The second pass is full inspection of the  production quality .

3.We have got internationally recognized certificates, ISO, CE, LR,Philippine certificate,also support third-party testing,as SGS, BV, ect.

Seamless Welded Straight and Reducing Tee RT-T0017 reducing tee supplier stainless steel tee manufacturer

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